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ArtDesign.social is a Part of INTERSECTUM D.E.B.S Platforms


Artdesign.social is a part of INTERSECTUM D.E.B.S platforms (Dedicated, Educational, Business, and Social platform) and is dedicated to art and design in general.

Art and design are broad terms with a lot of components and that is why we believe that they deserve their own platform. Artdesign.social is designed so that people can primarily publish what is underrepresented in MSM and raise awareness of all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular area.

Here in the Artdesign platform, you can share information through news posts, blog posts, videos, photos, documents, Q&A, courses, digital products, and so on.

For more technical information visit intersectum.com

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Below are a few posts from the news feed and a few groups. Inside the platform is a lot more content.



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